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We are happy to announce our new website with over 1000 Greek jewelry designs. Visit Greek Jewelry Shop today!

We are proud to announce are new Greek Jewelry Website which features over 1000 designs from our own Athens based workshop. Find a plethora of exquisite Ancient Greek Jewelry, explore our splendid greek coin pendants or view our coin ring and ancient brooch collections.

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New site features:

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Greek Jewelry Shop is an establishment specialized at offering limited quantity ancient jewelry and artifact reproductions made by talented artisans.

We manufacture and carry the highest quality traditional Greek and ancient artifact jewelry. One of our customers recently commented on our 'great-old-world-craftsmanship'. We are happy that every-day our efforts are recognised by customers that can spot the difference between an article created with true passion and the mainsteam approach. Much hard work and solid quality are the basic principles of our business offered consistently for most of the last century.

It is therefore no coincidence that our items have been preferred consistently by collectors worldwide and also by a great range of enthusiasts, ranging from well travelled tourists, historians, classicists, and several heads of state (including a recent US first lady)!

We love offering our creations to resellers and stores worldwide. Our outstanding quality is our guarrantee that has placed our fine Archaic, Byzantine, Minoan and Classical Greek Jewelry in the heart of the ancient themed jewelry industry with partners from all corners of the world.




We are deeply inspired by ancient silver and gold jewelry, museum themes coin pendants and other historic articles. Many craftsmanship skills, secrets and actual moulds have been passed down for many generations within our family heritage dating back to the mid 1800's in Asia-Minor and Northern-Europe and in Athens since 1928.

We apply researched  techniques of ancient silversmithing and avoid modern manufacturing methods as much as possible. We feel that this adds significantly to the quality and the over-all feel of our items. One of these primitive techniques (which provides un-matched definition and detail to our items) is casting in earth. We mold and cast silver in real soil much like silversmiths did 200 years ago! While most of these methods have been replaced by more efficient stream-lined techniques, we find that offering this uncompromised quality is deserved by enthusiasts who can see and feel the difference. Although such means are indeed costly and skill-intensive, we make sure that our creations remain affordable to almost everyone! Our solid craftsmanship is instantly noticable when you examine any of our finalized creations.

Ancient jewelry casting techniques


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